Father’s Day

Back home in India, every moment was a tribute to the parents. In my adopted land, in the USA, it was a shock and a discovery that parental love had the confines of a day on the calendar.

I slowly recognized the underlying sentiment; it’s necessary to etch out a day that celebrates the specialness of creators’ love.

Life is a fleeting blessing, and parents a vital link, father the weaker of the two.

Mother is the trustworthy source of love and life.

Our present blessings go back to the universe’s beginning, stellar cycles, supernovas creating elements that made life possible, billions of years of evolution on a rocky planet in a constant fall in the goldilocks gravitational hold of our star, that put the stardust into conscious existence and eventually subliming into the thing called love. This miracle will succumb to transience, taking uncountable trillions of years to scatter into oblivion.

Take a good look.

Permanence is in transience.

Live well.

Rejoice. Cherish. Thrive.

Life is magic.

Happy Father’s Day!



– Brij

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