End of an Era

June 1st, 2023, marks the end of an era. In September 1999, with great enthusiasm and a unique camaraderie, we opened Bakersfield Heart Hospital. In its nearly 24 years of existence, BHH distinguished itself as a place of excellence and elegance where the sick went to heal. BHH has been our pride, our identity. It has been a temple where we saved thousands of lives and delivered state-of-the-art medicine to those in need. The changing healthcare environment denied BHH continued sustainability as a standalone boutique gem.
Alas, BHH has come to the end of his life cycle. BHH is no more in its original spirit but survives as an AH facility. We at CH will continue to serve our patients’ needs irrespective of the hospital they end up in, but today there is a slight mist in the eyes.

– Brij

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