Permanence in transience.

The Hindu concept of reincarnation is genuine, at least physically. The Carbon trade of eating, eliminating, living, and dying satisfies the biological basis of reincarnation. The vegetables, humans, animals, and biomes; continually exchange matter.

Love, empathy, and care are an anthropic creation, an antithesis to the Cosmic reality.

We are the recipients of life without a cookbook to help navigate it.

Fear controls life.

Death is the ultimate tool against fear.

Fear belongs to the living.

Death puts an end to the fear the living harbor.

The billions of years that worked their magic in a tortuous journey through an incredibly finely tuned physics that eventually lent to the planet Earth with its current anthropic experiment, if the understanding of the past confirms the future, the infinity that confronts the sentient will be bereft of emotions and do its job as non-biologic photons extinguishing in eternal darkness.

AI allegedly will put the anthropic experiment to its place in the perpetually extinct.

While we are alive, let’s revel in the miracle of life.

¡ Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

– Brij

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  1. To BE is to observe and to be observed is to BE
    Thank God for our finely tuned iniverse🙏🏻

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