Vaccine Nirvana

Hello, Sonya! I hope that you and your family are safe and that you are having a good holiday season. Here are some thoughts that I wanted to share with you about COVID now that we’ve entered a critical phase in our fight against the virus.

As we close 2020, the holiday season and family festivities invite. Pandemic fatigue peaks. Virus spreads relentlessly. The vaccine promises to bridge the troubled waters, but restlessness refuses to walk the bridge to safety on the other side. Science can’t triumph with failed adoption.

Sacred lives can be saved by compliance to common sense. We won’t discuss masks on the other side of COVID-19. What’s a few more weeks among friends we know and undiscovered friendships that await the random walk of life. Health care workers, law enforcement, firefighters, grocery workers, elderly and sick are begging for your cooperation during this homestretch.

The vaccine cavalry is on the way. In due time, let’s roll up our sleeves and get fortified with immunity. I will be standing in line waiting my turn for nirvana. We will make up for lost fun in 2021.

I’ve shared more of my thoughts on “vaccine nirvana” in Community Voices. I hope you will take a look:

I really appreciated your perspective on women in education, Sonya. In a future piece, I will respond to your celebration of women. Examples abound in medicine.

-Dr. Brij

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